Michael Aizin

Dear Mr. Aizin: With regard to the “DependablePro” …

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Dear Mr. Aizin: 

With regard to the “DependablePro”: 

No one present at the May 22, 2023 meeting received any mailed notification from them. They were not mailed out, which most likely is the habitual, decades old occurrence for this property management company, which remained the same business entity under the different names. The notifications were placed only in elevators. This was done to prevent the sufficient quorum  and to continue the status quo by default. 

This violation constitutes the breach of contract, and more: the possible interference with the federal Election laws, which should be the concern of the government, including the FBI, NY State Attorney’s office, and the Brooklyn DA office. 


Michael Novakhov

2:23 PM 7/5/2023 

Emailed 2:28 PM 7.5.23

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