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7:57 AM 7/5/2023 – Dear Mr. Aizin: I have to repeat one of the main questions: Who is on the Board? Where is the Board? 

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Dear Mr. Aizin: 

Thank you for the copy of the Bylaws that you have emailed to me. It appears to be a more complete and official copy, and from now on the references will be made according to this copy. 
I would like to address some of the issues that were raised in your letters. 
1. I do not have an attorney yet, as I said, I am in the process of retaining one. When this process is completed, you will hear from the retained attorney or myself. 
2. Neither I nor other owners ever claimed that “we are the Board”, and we do not claim it now.  
There is a group of concerned owners, and for the purposes of self-identification I call this group “Temporary Board”, or “Acting Board”, or “Nomination Committee”, etc.; in the circumstances which we see as the emergency and the power vacuum after the May 22 owners meeting, when the information about the Ms. Bishop’s liens transpired, and the legitimacy of her service was questioned. See the details in my posts on the websites. When I wrote the post, stating that Ms.Bishop “is removed”, I expressed my opinion. However, it appears that this opinion is shared by the majority of owners. 
The situation when Ms. Bishop very likely was fraudulently elected, and then for 35 years was reappointed because of “no quorums”, most likely engineered by not  mailing out notices, is absolutely unacceptable. It is the travesty and the perversion of the democratic process and the customs of this country. 
However, we are aware of the peculiarity of the situation and our status. We want the Elections. We want the resolution of the conflict, be it by agreement or in court.  
3. I have to repeat one of the main questions: 
Who is on the Board? 
Where is the Board? 
You have to identify this anonymous aggrieved party before we proceed any further. 
You cannot talk about them as some abstract entity, all of them have to be identified by names. 
4. I do expect a copy of your retainer agreement, as I requested it earlier. 
5. I object to your communication attempts with the addressees, whom I sent the copies. Noone gave you this permission. 
With regard to the property management companies, it is between us, the condo owners, and them. 
You claim to be hired by the Condo Board, not by them, despite the shadow of Mr. Kalika behind your common styles and the attempts to intimidate. 
Stay with the concerns of this mythical Board. 
Michael Novakhov 
7:57 AM 7/5/2023 
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