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Dear Friends and co-owners, this can happen to our Condo Building too: Bronx building partially collapses – Video

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Dear Friends and co-owners:
This can happen to our Condo Building, because it is mismanaged by the criminal group of pretenders who call themselves “the Board”, while refusing to disclose their names. Apparently they are afraid of facing the criminal responsibility for this mismanagement. The ceilings keep falling, most recently in the lobby, for everyone to see. There is no heat in some apartments, probably from the closed heating pipes leak.  The incompetent “Board”, the incompetent “DependablePro” (whatever it means) management, and the incompetent “Not My Job” Super are not capable to deal with this. This criminal group is related to each other by family ties, they defraud this condo by engaging into the “theft of honest services”, by not providing the necessary maintenance services, and by bilking and appropriating the condo resources. They have to be investigated and sued under the RICO laws, and they will be. We have to throw out this criminal mafiosi group which tries to intimidate the owners: see the police report filed against the self-claimed imposter, fraudulent “chairwoman” Grace Bishop. Intimidation is their style and tool: they even hired a liar-lawyer to engage in the legal intimidation. He disappeared somewhere very fast after receiving a letter from my lawyers. Recently I learned that the Super tried to intimidate some owners. If this happens again, call the police on him right away. You live in Brooklyn, NY, not in some Albanian village. They think that they run the show here and that they OWN this building, not you. They cost this condo, with the free apartment that they live in and the salaries, about $120,000 – 150,000 per year, and the HONEST Services are not provided for even the fraction of this amount. When they were away on vacation, the substitute worker (Valentin) was doing all the job (mostly hauling garbage) by himself, and much, much better: he cleaned the area around the building every morning. What is happening in this Condo is a real shame! We have to throw this criminal group out, to consider to sue them, and to establish the new, real, and functioning Board which will be able to manage this building properly, and to solve its problems. We will hold the elections soon. We will make the amendments and changes in the By Laws, if needed. This building belongs to you, not to this criminal group! Please. continue to communicate with me via comments or email. Have very good Holidays!
Michael Novakhov – 12.13.23

No victims found under debris from partially collapsed Bronx building: fire officials

After a building in the Bronx partially collapsed on Monday, New York City fire officials have said no one was found underneath the rubble.

Bronx building partially collapses, rescue crews on scene | LiveNOW from FOX

Emergency crews are on the scene after a six-story residential building partially collapsed in the Bronx, New York on Monday.

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