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11:32 AM 6/9/2023 – To Phill Newman

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To Phill Newman: 

Dear Mr. Newman: 

Please tell the shareholders about the circumstances of Ms. Bishop election to the 2900 Ocean Avenue Condo Board about 30 years ago and its connection with the liens (for about $6,000 total) issued against her property at that time. 

What was the quid pro quo? 

Did you use Ms. Bishop as the witting or the unwitting “cover girl” for your hypothetical illegal commercial deals? 

Please also respond to the claim that around the same time you secretly and clandestinely “SOLD” this Condo to the Management company behind which was the Russian Mafia. 

The newly discovered and the recently published by us facts show that this company remained essentially the same business entity, just changing their shingles (names), consistently dedicated to the exploiting and squeezing this building like a lemon, at the expense of safety, and probably also engaged in some frankly criminal activities.

This is the indication that this claim may be the truth. 

The shareholders will appreciate your response which you may enter in the Comments section, for everyone to see and to digest. 

Sincerely, Michael Novakhov | 11:32 AM 6/9/2023

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