Grace Bishop and Albert Rutigliano: Searches and Information

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Grace Bishop, THE CERTIFIED LIAR, and her errand boy Al, who also call themselves “the 2900 Ocean avenue Condo Board”.

Grace Bishop, former Condo Board President and THE CERTIFIED LIAR. See CERTIFICATION. 

Alberto Rutigliano, “Vice-President”, her errand boy (at the age of 80), and rather “mysterious” personality. 

Grace Bishop 2900 Ocean ave Brooklyn NY – GS

Grace R Bishop from Brooklyn, NY 

Grace Bishop on Facebook

Alberto Rutigliano on Facebook

Albert Rutigliano

It appears, on the basis of my observations, that Albert Rutigliano, who is, it looks like, Ms. Bishop’s common law husband, runs the show behind the scenes and very likely has intensive Mafia connections. He uses super Ray as his enforcer. That’s how I see it. 

This person and his connections have to be very carefully investigated. In Russian speaking Brooklyn, the broader net of the undue influences has to be considered also. 

M.N. | 5.24.23

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