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6:58 PM 7/3/2023 – Dear Mr. Aizin: Ms. Bishop was not and is not LEGALLY the member of the Board, according to Bylaws.

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Dear Mr. Aizin:

The situation with Ms. Bishop’s liens 35 years ago is addressed in the sections of Bylaws quoted below. Section 2.7 says specifically and very clearly, that “no unit owner may be elected to serve … if the Board has perfected a lien … not paid at the time of the election”. 

The Section 2.9 (B) of the Bylaws states that lack of qualification described above in the Section 2.7 is equivalent to the automatic resignation of the Board membership “effective as of the date upon which such qualification shall cease.” It means that Ms. Bishop automatically resigned her Board membership at the time of her fraudulent election 34 years ago, and all these years she was not legally, by law the member of the Board, although she pretended to be. Conclusion: Ms. Bishop was not and is not LEGALLY the member of the Board, and she is not qualified for any future elections.   

Therefore any issues related to her claim of her Board membership are her personal legal issues, not the Board issues, and any and all legal expenses related to this question should paid by her personally, and not by the Condo Board. 

Your legal fees payment agreement with Ms. Bishop is illegal, it has no legal power, and you should not be paid for these services out of the Condo money. I feel that it is my obligation to alert other owners to these issues and to prevent the payment of Ms. Bishop’s personal legal bills under the disguise of the Condo’s legal expenses. 


Michael Novakhov – 6:58 PM 7/3/2023

See a copy of Mr. Aizin’s letter here: scan_legal1 

See a copy of the Condo’s Bylaws here: By Laws 2900 Ocean Condo 

See Also this post and the copies of the liens against Grace Bishop’s property: 

Liar, liar, pants on fire! In our opinion, the present Condo governing bodies are illegitimate: “Grace Bishop did not pay her maintenance, had liens filed against her and lied about it to get elected: Election Fraud!!! Contact your Brooklyn District Attorney if you have additional information about kicks backs / profit splitting.”


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