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11:42 AM 7/3/2023 – Dear Mr. Aizin: All things “NEW” must be deleted! Or it will not be order in the Condo world! 

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And finally, my dear Mr Aizin, at this stage of my initial and preliminary remarks, I have to say that your deep, profound, philosophical and truly enlightening discussion and “guidance” in the matters “NEW” (e.g.: as in “New Board”, “New managing agent”, “New Board members”) and “OLD” (e.g.: as in “good OLD Russian mob”, etc.) deserves the high praise. Your brilliant thoughts on this subject should be written in big shiny GOLDEN letters all over the decaying shreds of the US Constitution, and especially its First Amendment. All things “NEW” must be deleted! Or it will not be order in the Condo world! 

From now on, whenever I write the word “NEW” I will try not to forget to add: “This terrorist word is banned in English language by the personal legal censorship of Michael Aizin”. 

This contribution of yours is the most valuable addition to the usage section of Merriam Webster Dictionary since the times of William Shakespeare.

However, “the lady doth protest too much, methinks” – and that’s the OLD truth! 

Sincerely yours, 

Michael Novakhov – 11:42 AM 7/3/2023 

Emailed at 11:53 AM 7.3.23

See a copy of Mr. Aizin’s letter here: scan_legal1 

See a copy of the Condo’s Bylaws here: By Laws 2900 Ocean Condo 

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