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Nominated Candidates: “We will fight for our Rights!” – 6.28.23

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We will fight for, guard and protect our rights, safety, and wellbeing! The list of the Nominated Candidates

This is your future new team for the 2900 Ocean avenue Condo Board of Directors – the list of the Nominated Candidates: 

  • * Unit 3P – Ryabin, Dmitriy – CONFIRMED.

  • * Unit 4H – Leon Studzienko – proposed for the Treasurer of the Board. He is a very, meticulously honest person. Will be a good Treasurer. 
  • * Unit 4M – Makhnevich, Stacy – proposed for the Vice-President of the Board. Stacy is a lawyer, and she was battling the former CORRUPT Board for the last several years, including the court case, of which Grace Bishop told you nothing, because she wants to keep you in the dark about it and about everything else. Grace found a proper match in Stacy. – CONFIRMED.
  • Unit 5A – Semyon Havkin – CONFIRMED.
  • * Unit 4P – Mikhail Burgansky – CONFIRMED.
  • * Unit 5E – Novakhov Michael – proposed for the President of the Board, will be in charge of the INFORMATION SERVICES for the 2900 Ocean ave. Condo. Auto-biographical sketch: “I was born in 1952 in Baku, former USSR. In 1975 I graduated from the First Moscow Medical Institute. On May 9, 1979 I came to the USA. I worked for about 20 years as a psychiatrist. Presently, I consider myself a blogger.” – CONFIRMED.


2900 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY Condominium 


Number of the open seats on the Board of Directors: 8Fiscal year: 2023 to 2024. Date of Vote: Ballots will be mailed out on: undetermined. Deadline for submissions: at least one month later

Please, put a checkmark on the box of the candidate(s)  you are voting for. Thank you.

List of the Nominated Candidates 

  • I vote for all on this list below: Put a checkmark here: |   | 

Or vote separately for each candidate: 

  •  Unit 3P – Ryabin, Dmitriy |   | 
  • Unit 4H – Leon Studzienko |   | 
  • Unit 4M – Makhnevich, Stacy |   | 
  • Unit 4P – Mikhail Burgansky  |   | 
  • Unit 5A – Semen Havkin |   |
  • Unit 5E – Novakhov Michael |   | 


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List of the nominated Write-In Candidates

Write down the names of your desired candidates, including yourself, if you want to serve on the Board. Put a checkmark for voting before each name: 

  • I vote for all on this list below: Put a checkmark here: |   | 

Or vote separately for each candidate: 

  • Write-in Candidate 1: -|   | 
  • Write-in Candidate 2: -|   | 
  • Write-in Candidate 3: -|   | 
  • Write-in Candidate 4: -|   | 
  • Write-in Candidate 5: -|   |
  • Write-in Candidate 6: -|   |
  • Write-in Candidate 7: -|   |
  • Write-in Candidate 8: -|   |

Voter Information

Unit(s):              Owner’s Name: First:                     Last: 

Mailing Address: 


Note: Rest assured that your information will remain confidential. Please, mail back your filled out ballot(s) at your earliest convenience, in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. 

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