The first letter to Grace Bishop, and her response. 

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Here I will publish my first letter to Grace Bishop, and her response. 

Dear Mrs. Bishop:

First issue: The present super “Ray” & his family have to be changed.
The previous super was fired rather unceremoniously, I want to remind you, for unknown to me and others reasons.
Probably to free the position for this one, who might have a “special relationship” with you and others, who decide these questions. 

If the need be, I would like to look into this deeper. 

The reasons to dismiss Ray: On the basis of my observations during super Ray’s term in the building (about 10 or more years), I came to the impression that he is:
1. A liar
2. A psychopath
3. He has criminal tendencies.

He absolutely is not interested in his regular work, to take care of the building.
He plays “hide and seek” when he is needed.
The front of the building is always dirty and littered with garbage.
Sometimes the garbage is overheld inside of the building, and it stinks.

What “Ray” is interested in, is conducting his own business and making his own “geshefts”, “little profits”.
He performs the duties of the real estate agent, renting out the available apartments.
The quality of renters and quality of life in the building went down considerably because of it.
There are probably some other kickback schemes going on, and they have to be investigated. 

He tells people to keep the things that they want to throw out inside of their apartments, until he comes to pick them up, so he could be paid for it.
I saw myself, how the Chinese couple put the things they wanted to throw out into the neighboring building pile, to avoid dealing with him and his demands.  
His repair work is shoddy, and he overcharges for it. 
Once, when I told him to fix the lock, he dared to threaten me with a physical fight.
I have the option of filing a police report about it.

I think that he, with his family, has to be fired ASAP.
There are many very good workers who would be happy to take this position and to do a good job.

I reserve the right to do a background check on him and to consider all my legal options.

I spoke occasionally with some other people, and they have a similar opinion.

I request the situation to be discussed between the Board members. and between all owners of 2900 Ocean Park Condo.
I reserve the right to communicate in writing and by electronic means with any and all of them, to share my impressions and thinking with them.

At mean time, while he is still carrying his duties, I request:

For his name and phone number to be displayed visibly in the hall, so people could contact him, if needed.
He took this info down because he “was bothered too much.”
For his family not to respond “I don’t know where he is” when he is needed.
To forbid him from engaging in renting the apartments, there are licensed RE brokers for that.

Ray’s father, a porter, looks like a mentally retarded person.
He deals with heating. I do not think, he knows how to deal with the equipment, he alwasys overheats the place, wasting the heating supplies and torturing people with the excessive heat; everyone complains. He probably thinks that he will get more Christmas tips if he overheats the place.

Once I told him that the tap water is dirty, almost black.
His response was: “it is always like that, you just were away for some time”.

This is the first and initial description of the scope of problems.
Neither of us would want to waste our time in lengthy correspondence, I think.

To summarise I think that to continue employing this family is not only detrimental to the building’s conditions but is DANGEROUS to the people who live in it, plain and simple.

I feel very strongly about it, and will do everything I can to correct this situation.

I hope that this problem will be resolved, and fast. 

Second issue is the Autopayments of maintenance.
We had it before, and there is no reason why we should not have it now.
I called their office, & Pugol told me that he is not going to have the Autopayment option.
I would like to have some clarification and explanation: why?
Change them too, if the need be.

Thank you.
I do expect your response within the reasonable period of time.

Michael Novakhov, apt 5E 


Copy – my file, Distribution reserved.

12:01 PM 8/1/2022


Mr. Novakhov:
I’ve attempted to answer some of the issues raised in your email to me dated August 1, 2022.
Some were not worthy of a response.
1. The former Super was dismissed by a vote of the Board majority because of numerous
complaints about his poor work ethic and his inability to communicate effectively with the
residents of the building unless his wife was available to translate for him.
2. Our current Super Ray, was selected after interviewing numerous candidates for the
position. He did not have a prior relationship with any Board member, including myself. We
vetted various candidates and even hired others until we selected him. Your statement that
our reasons for hiring him were personal is blatantly untrue and insulting.
3. You’ve called Ray a liar, a psychopath and someone with criminal tendencies? I won’t
justify these insulting remarks with asking for an explanation. I don’t know what happened
between you and the Super. What I do know is that his responsibilities are to maintain the
building, not the individual units unless there’s something wrong which directly impacts the
building i.e. leak in the wall. You are not obligated to call the Super for repairs. You own
your unit and therefore, strongly suggest you look for assistance elsewhere to avoid
conflict. This is the first time anything negative about Ray or his Father has been brought to
my attention.
4. The sidewalk is sweep once a day, not all day long. We’re on a major street and
unfortunately, there’s a bus stop right in front of the building. It has always been a challenge
to keep the street clean regardless of who was the Super.

5. The garbage is compacted and kept inside of that area until our designated Sanitation pick-
up day. The Condo will receive a summons if it’s placed by the curb too early. We can’t put

it in the sitting area for obvious reasons. This building originally burned their trash which is

no longer allowed. Therefore, there is no other place to hold the compacted trash until pick-
up day. A best effort is made to hold down the odor using a deodorizer but unfortunately, in

this heat it sometimes can’t be avoided.
6. Residents are requested to keep oversized trash in their units until arrangements can be
made with Sanitation for pick-up. This is to avoid their dumping trash inside the sitting area
or placing outside by the curb too early.
7. Every unit is individually owned and the unit owners select their own renters or go through
their own real estate contacts. Neither the Condo nor the Super have any involvement in
this process. Our Management Company processes the applications for the Condo upon
submission by the owners/renters.
8. The building thermostat is set to meet NYC requirements. The temperature inside your
apartment has to be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit if the outside temperature falls
below 55 degrees. There are just as many people complaining it’s cold as hot. Heating is
not adjusted according to the Super or Porter’s whim or to get tips.
9. If you do not flush your taps for months at a time the water will run dirty for a few minutes.
You were gone at one point for over 6 months. Another reason for “dirty” water is when
we’re compelled to shut off the water for repairs or the DEP is doing work on the outside
water main. Ray was correct to give you the answer he did.

10. You own your unit and are free to hire whomever you please as long as they meet the
Condo’s guidelines for insurance, etc. Suggest you reach out to the Management Company
for future assistance and refrain from contacting the Super or Porter to perform personal
tasks for your unit.
All Board members volunteer their time willingly myself included. No Board Member gets
preferential treatment, perks, discounts or whatever you or anyone else might think. We work
without compensation to insure we all live in a financially sound, clean and safe environment.
Your email to me was personally offensive, insulting, threatening and filled with the worse sort
of invective towards the Super and Porter. The Condo employs a Management Company, call
or write them in the future if you have a complaint or need assistance. They’ll inform the Board
if they deem it necessary.
My personal email is just that, personal and is intended for my friends and family only.
Grace Bishop

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