Referendum Information – 6.16.23

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QUOTE from Brownstone:

“Our offer is $50/unit per month; existing management is $30/unit per month.” – Mr. Joshua Blackman. 

Brownstone charges $50 per unit per month, the “Dependable” charges $30 per unit per month. 

For just $20 a month more you will get a much superior service! 

Mr. Joshua Blackman had kindly provided to us this description of his Company’s services:

“Hi Mike;

Thank you for the opportunity to care for your property.

The Financial Statement you kindly provided indicates your condo paid, in 2022, $31,680 for management, and $56,106 for “payroll” which I’m assuming is for a live-in super?  As you’ve indicated, management has been inadquate, which is in part, a reflection of the below-market fees you’ve been paying.  We will provide your condo with very high-quality service.

Brownstone Property Group offers two primary areas of service, as follow:

  • (1) 24/7 Management is a full-service option that includes Financial Services and Compliance Services
  • We provide a dedicated, experienced property manager, a comprehensive Compliance service, our office team’s availability during office hours, and our professional field crews’ availability round-the-clock. 
  • On emergency, we’ll be there asap; non-emergencies as required. 
  • Monthly fee includes visiting the property as required, scheduling and coordination of work, and supervision of workers and vendors.  Cost of repairs is in addition to the monthly fee. 
  • Project Management fees are applicable when supervision and coordination are required for larger jobs. 
  • Full-service management includes the monthly collection of common charges, bill payment, budgeting, and monthly reporting.  
  • Our fee for 24/7 Management for an 88-unit Condo is $4,400 per month.
  • (2) Sanitation – includes garbage/recycling to the curb twice per week, cleaning interior common areas and outside the property as agreed, and ice/snow removal; Fees omitted as we’re assuming your live-in super handles this work.

Monthly fees are paid quarterly, based on annual contracts. 

We are a licensed insurance and real estate broker, and can help you place any type of insurance, plus find excellent tenants and buyers for your apartments. 
  • We are NYC Department of Buildings-licensed General Contractors, and feature an insured renovation team, a broad network of local tradespeople, as well as familiarity with navigating city agencies, acquiring competitive insurance quotes, and handling the full range of issues related to property ownership in New York City.” 


With regard to Super services, it will be a gradual transition, according to Mr. Blackman: 

“BrownstoneWorks offers off-site Super and backup for on-site Super. This service may be effective until we hire for you a new full-time Super (assuming this is what the Condo needs).” 


Further details and clarifications will follow. Feel free to ask questions. 

In the next few days I will prepare a report on comparison quotes from the Brownstone and three other leading, best property management companies in Brooklyn. This will give you a fuller, more comprehensive picture. 

My thinking is that it is not the absolute money figures (fees) that matter that much, but the whole picture, including the company’s reputation, positive attitude, and the types and range of the services provided. 

In my opinion, the Brownstone is the first and the best choice for us, regardless of the quotes comparison, which we will do anyway as the part of the DUE DILIGENCE research. 

Please, read this referendum draft carefully and share your comments and opinions on this matter with your fellow unit owners via the Comments section of this post below, if you so wish. Thank you. 

Quotes Comparison Information

  1. From AWAYER REALTY, by Kyle Gregory: $40-50 per unit per month 

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