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Open Letter To Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney: We need your help in the case of the Condo dispute.

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To Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney 

350 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
DA’s Action Center

Copy: State of New York
Office of the Attorney General
Real Estate Finance Bureau
28 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10005

From Michael Novakhov, 2900 Ocean ave, Apt.5E, Brooklyn, NY 11235, and 

Stacy Makhnevich, 2900 Ocean ave, Apt. 4M, Brooklyn, NY 11235 

Open Letter

Dear Mr. Gonzalez: 

We need your help in the case of the Condo (at the address above) dispute. The former President of the Board, Grace Bishop tries to rule the Condo like a classic dictator, while refusing to acknowledge and address the real and pressing issues, like the continuous, serial, falling ceilings in the building, which is a direct and very serious threat to the residents’ lives (!), health, and wellbeing. 

It recently came to our attention that in 1989 or about that time Ms. Bishop had accumulated the debt of about $6,000 in unpaid common charges, and she concealed this fact while running in election to the Condo Board, which is a violation of the Condo Election rule. The copies of the documents are enclosed. 

In our opinion, this violation: deliberate and purposeful lying about this circumstance in the past election DOES DISQUALIFY her as the candidate in the present election. 

Please, render your opinion on this matter. 

Ms. Bishop and the “Dependable” property management company do not share the documents with the shareholders that are needed for the new election, which was not held for the past three years, such as the updated master list of all shareholders’ names and addresses. 

“The board is also responsible to keep and maintain an updated master list of all shareholders’ names and addresses. According to Horwitz, a co-op board is no different from the board of a regular corporation. “Shareholders are entitled to a list because they’re shareholders,” he says.” (Quote from: What Your Board Must Disclose – Shareholder Rights)

We consider Ms. Bishop  and her former Board of SYCOPHANTS illegitimate. Their mandates expired three years ago. We need the new election to the Board. We need to address the very important for us issues. 

We do need your help and intervention in this matter. 

For more details, please, see the website:


Michael Novakhov 

Stacy Makhnevich

June 1, 2023 

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