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11:28 AM 7/1/2023 – The rage of Ms. Bishop, the crazy dictator-queen of the 2900 Ocean avenue Condo …

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The rage of Ms. Bishop

Ms. Bishop acts in the manner of a crazy dictator: she tries to block challenges to her “authority”. However, at this time we will have to postpone the plans for the election until we are on the firm legal footing. Important Update: Legal Letter from Grace Bishop via her lawyer Michael Aizin and my preliminary response


There is a conflict and a dispute in the Condo of 2900 Ocean ave in Brooklyn, NY., of which I am an individual owner (5E).
The concerned group of owners shares the view that the presently claimed Board Prez, Grace Bishop is illegitimate, due to the facts that she concealed her past indebtedness to the Condo when first elected, and then she engineered the “no quorum” reappointments, conspiring with the property management company by not mailing out notices prior to the condo owners meetings. This company remained the same business entity under the different shingles in the past 34 years, which is the same time period as Ms. Bishop’s rule. 
Furthermore, our impression is that this person, Ms. Bishop acts in the manner of a crazy dictator and that she is not fit to discharge her duties, and that she is at the direct physical danger to those who dare to criticize her: she will come to your door, will bang on it very loudly with her walking cane and will try to attack you with it, as it happened recently with myself. We have to warn each other of these types of dangers. Ms. Bishop’s unwillingness and inability to deal with the common problem of the falling ceilings in the building amounts to the criminal negligence, in our view: it is a direct threat to the health and the wellbeing of the residents, the owners and tenants alike. 

Now Ms. Bishop tries to put the legal blocks to the questioning of her authority: she sent me a “cease and desist demand” via her lawyer Michael Aizin. I am in the process of hiring a lawyer to address these moves. 

The legal interventions might bring the resolution to this conflict. It would be good to prove legally that Ms. Bishop is unfit and disqualified, unable to discharge her duties, and needs to be removed, with the elections being called. 

However, at this time we will have to postpone the plans for the election until we are on the firm legal footing. 

Some questions that remain: Who are the members of this condo’s Board?
Some answers with regard to the existence of the 2900 Ocean ave. Condo Board: 
Nobody knows who the Board members are, and if they exist at all. 
Nobody got the mailed notices about May 22 meeting, they were placed only in elevators. 
That was enough reason to assume that there is no Board. 
Michael Novakhov – 11:28 AM 7/1/2023
From Stacy Makhnevich: 

I agree with everything said in your letter Mike! Just to add, there has not been a single annual meeting held at all from 2019, 2020, 2021. The notices for 2022 annual meetings were never mailed but posted about 3 or 4 days prior to in the elevator when most of the residents have already made arrangements for Memorial Day weekend resulting in only 18 people attending out of 89.

As Bishop concealed the fact that she had 2 liens placed on her property for the total of around $6000 by the Board and never disclosed that fact during the annual meeting in 2015 when she presented her candidacy to constituents to become a President (she was a Treasurer), her election was fraudulent. 

Grace The Crazy Queen

See a copy of Mr. Aizin’s letter here: scan_legal1 

See a copy of the Condo’s Bylaws here: By Laws 2900 Ocean Condo 

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