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Grace Bishop is removed as the Condo chair, and she and her partner “Al” will be investigated further. | Take the Opinion Polls: Your preference for the President of the Condo Board

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Grace Bishop is removed as the Condo chair, and she and her partner “Al” will be investigated further

Dear Ms. Bishop: 

On behalf of the newly formed, due to the pressure of the circumstances, Temporary Board of the 2900 Ocean ave Condo, I inform you that you are removed from your currently illegitimate position as the old Board’s chair, and you are relieved from all your duties related to this position. The old Board members did not renew their mandates, therefore the Board is illegitimate, and it is dissolved.

You are also ineligible to run in any future election: you are disqualified due to the recently discovered fact, confirmed by documents, that you lied about your financial status and concealed about $6,000 in liens against your property in 1989, prior to the Condo Board Election at that time. Somehow, after your election, you were able to repay this debt, and the question was raised if any financial impropriety was involved. 

See the explanation in the previous post. 

We do not need liars, bullshitters, and thieves on our Condo Board. The one who lied once will lie again. The unethical behavior is the signal of the future such behaviors. 

Our concerns about the Criminal negligence and the disregard for the people’s lives, safety, and wellbeing, and also about the possible financial improprieties by you and your partner “Al” will be referred for the further investigations to the appropriate bodies. 

This decision is in effect as of today. 

Please, make the arrangements for the orderly transition. 

We also expect the resignation letter from you. 

The Temporary Board will assume the basic governing functions for this Condo until the permanent bodies are elected in a free, completely transparent, and fair election, which we expect to happen soon. 



Michael Novakhov

Stacy Makhnevich 

Other signatures will follow. 

To add your signature to this list, or to express your opinion about these events, please leave your comments below or contact me via the Contact Form. M.N.

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