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Elect the new Condo Board – this is the only solution!

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Elect the new Condo Board – this is the only solution! 

The problems with the current, self-claimed and illegitimate 2900 Ocean ave. Condo Board are evident, and they are now in the open, for everyone to see. It does not make any sense to sweep this under the rug. 

In our opinion, Grace Bishop and her partner Alberto Rutigliano (who apparently does not own any shares in the Condo and should not have any say in the Condo management) have to be very carefully investigated for the possible financial and Real Estate machinations. More details on this subject will follow. 

Grace Bishop is disqualified to run in the new election because she lied in the earlier election, see the previous posts. This is the provision of the Federal Election Law. 

We asked Mr. Gonzalez, Brooklyn DA, and also the NY State Attorney General Office to look into this issue and to render their opinion on this matter. 

At meantime, we have to elect a new Condo Board. I propose Stacy Makhnevich as the Board President. She is a lawyer, a responsible and a good person; and I think she will do a good job. I propose myself as the Board member. We are looking to recruit the candidates for the new Board. Please, let us know if you are willing to serve on the Board. We all should work together. A group of less than 100 shareholders should not be that difficult to manage, and we all should participate in this process. 

On our part, when we are elected, we promise to our neighbors and to the fellow shareholders the complete, 100% honesty, openness, the sense of responsibility, and efficiency in dealing with the issues. 

This is our common house, our “DOM” (HOUSE, in Russian): that’s how the word “Condominium” can be translated. It is our resonsibility to make this house nice and livable. 

Sincerely, Michael Novakhov | 6.3.23

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