Condo conflicts

Condo conflicts and escrow account payments

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Q&A: Escrow Account

Cooperator News › article › qa-escrow-acco…

Cooperator News

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A “Putting one’s monthly common charges into an escrow account offers no legal protection to the unit owner if the condominium decides to begin foreclosure …

Real Estate Branch | I Don’t Agree with the Management of My … › reb › faqs › condo_faqs

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I Don’t Agree with the Management of My Condominium Association. Can I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees, or Place it in an Escrow Account until My Dispute …

Owner Grievances And Withholding Maintenance Fees

Ott & Associates › Articles

Ott & Associates

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If the owner disputes because they are withholding fees due to maintenance or some other issue, we will respond with a letter that states they are not allowed …

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