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9:49 AM 7/11/2023 – Dear Mr. Aizin: “We have no intention of violating the Condos Bylaws.”

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9:49 AM 7/11/2023 – Dear Mr. Aizin: 

In the last paragraph of your letter of June 29, 2023, you stated that “all legal costs and fees … will be born by you … , as authorized by the Condominium By Laws.” 

Please, cite the specific and exact section from the By Laws which says that. 

To me, it sounds like the threat of the financial retaliation and the warning and intimidation to the other owners for the criticism of Ms. Bishop and the “Dependable Pro”. Let me remind you, that this or any other criticism, especially the well founded and well documented, is protected by the First Amendment and the other related laws. In my opinion, the ultimate responsibility for “all legal costs and fees” should be on Ms. Bishop personally and on the members of her claimed, mythical Board, also personally, when their names become known. 

I am sure, that this point will be addressed in the future legal interactions. At meantime, I expect the exact quote from the By Laws on this subject, as requested. 

Thank you, 

Michael Novakhov | 9:49 AM 7/11/2023 


The previous email from Mr. Aizin of Jul 5, 2023, 2:35 PM (6 days ago)

Dear Mr. Novakhov:

I am out of town now, but will respond to you upon return.

Whatever concerns you may have with the Condominium Board and the way the Condominium is being managed, you have recourse, self-help in violation of the terms of the Condominium By-laws not being one of them. 

My Response to it of Jul 5, 2023, 2:52 PM (6 days ago): 

Dear Mr. Aizin: We have no intention of violating the Condos Bylaws. 

Have a good time off, and we will continue this discussion when you come back. 

I did retain a lawyer … and he will be in touch with you next week. 


Michael Novakhov

2:50 PM 7/5/2023

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