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The Best Property Management Companies in Brooklyn, New York of 2023 | Brownstone Property Group is the Leading Candidate.

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The Leading Candidate:
Brownstone Property Group

Brownstone Property Group

123 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215

The team at Brownstone Property Group provides owners of rental buildings, condos, and coops with customizable property care services. Its full-service offerings include around-the-clock management services, leasing, financials, renovations, maintenance and sanitation services. Its 24-hour on-call repair service is available to handle any emergency issues that may arise to keep properties in the best possible condition, and the group also provides ongoing preventative maintenance and inspections with its expert repair staff. The experienced and dedicated team can assists clients in the assessment of properties, leasing and sales, and management of capital projects. It provides years of valuable experience to the process as well as determining methods to reduce costs, enhance building design, and improve retention, efficiency and safety. 

The Head of the Company and the Lawyer: 

Mr. Joshua Blackman.

Call him if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the planned transitioning to his company. I personally got a very good impression.

Read his comments to this post. Note his prompt responses and the attentive, caring attitude. The personality of the company’s head tells you a lot about the company. 

M.N. | 6.6.23 

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The Best Property Management Companies in Brooklyn, New York of 2023

718-222-9840 Click to Call Visit Site
530 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

With 25 years of residential property management experience as well as construction and small building management, Awaye Realty Management LLC provides top-notch services to property owners in the area. It provides a full range of services to tenants and owners, boards, and vendors, with back-office support and a full leasing team. The Property Management Division manages all building staff, conducts regular on-site visits and inspections, and handles all of the annual registrations to keep buildings up to code and in alignment with city requirements. In addition to inspections of the living spaces, Awaye conducts annual inspections of all elevators, boilers, and burners. Property owners are able to access their information online 24/7 and tenants have access to easy online bill payment as well. …Read More


718-388-0025 Click to Call Visit Site
398 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Specializing in both residential and commercial property management, Bedford Management serves Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan areas, with a portfolio of over 130 buildings in the Brooklyn waterfront vicinity. It provides full-service management services to its clients, incorporating the latest in property management software that offers a full work order and financial accounting system. Bedford Management handles all financial aspects of leasing, including collections and bookkeeping, and legal operations, as well as general building maintenance and operations. This company is able to help owners of condos, co-ops, and multi-unit housing structures. All tenant relations can be handled through Bedford Management, including communications about issues such as violations, inspections, and other correspondences. …Read More


347-482-2339 Click to Call Visit Site
240 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249

The team at BIG Management puts a strong emphasis on efficiency as well as professionalism by managing its clients’ portfolios with a meticulous approach. Monthly reports are available as well as budget comparisons, arrears reports, payables due, and other financial matters. In addition to keeping an eye on financial security for its clients, BIG provides excellent property maintenance services and handles all leasing activities. Knowing that every property is different, services are available on a customized menu as is the pricing for property management packages. This company also offer graduated pricing so that clients of new properties can phase the cost of their management services until the property begins to generate cash flow. …Read More


718-972-0700 Click to Call Visit Site
5215 7th Avenue Brooklyn NY, 11220

Brooklyn Property Managers (BPM) has offered exceptional services to real estate investors, developers, and property owners in Brooklyn for over 15 years. It understands the diverse real estate market in Brooklyn and has dedicated itself to meeting each individual property’s needs with a customized management plan. Plans are crafted to address both short and long term goals, determine the best-practices for ongoing maintenance, and identify ways to promote profitability. Clients and tenants have access to convenient online bill payments through the online portal which also serves as access to owners’ financial reports. BPM also has a 24-hour emergency line and daily office hours. Property owners appreciate the fully-inclusive services menu, from building upkeep to tenant screening and ongoing communications, to all document preparation and other leasing tasks. In addition to property management, the company’s professional leasing team are available to help facilitate commercial and residential sales. …Read More


718-499-6030 Click to Call Visit Site
123 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215

The team at Brownstone Property Group provides owners of rental buildings, condos, and coops with customizable property care services. Its full-service offerings include around-the-clock management services, leasing, financials, renovations, maintenance and sanitation services. Its 24-hour on-call repair service is available to handle any emergency issues that may arise to keep properties in the best possible condition, and the group also provides ongoing preventative maintenance and inspections with its expert repair staff. The experienced and dedicated team can assists clients in the assessment of properties, leasing and sales, and management of capital projects. It provides years of valuable experience to the process as well as determining methods to reduce costs, enhance building design, and improve retention, efficiency and safety. …Read More


646-654-0722 Click to Call Visit Site
513 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10009

Citadel allows tenants to make their payments online — these payments are then automatically recorded on Citadel’s online portal, making it easy for you to keep track of how your properties are performing. You can set it up so that monthly reports are delivered to you via email as well. In addition to financial reporting, Citadel’s services include rent collection, tenant screening, inspection scheduling, and 24/7 maintenance. …Read More


718-413-0973 Click to Call Visit Site
134 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

E.T. Property Management believes that properties are as unique as their owners, and the team takes a personalized, customized and committed approach to how each property will be managed. Utilizing their collective experience of 40+ years in the industry, it delivers consistent and exceptional full range management services, while increasing operational and financial efficiencies of each building. Its packages include building maintenance, complete financial management, building operations and an owners portal that uses cloud technology to provide project management tracking, financial statements, and a community forum. Owners use the convenience of online bill payment and online filing systems, and they appreciate seeing their property managers conduct regular on-site visits and inspections to ensure the buildings are functioning at their best. It maintains a 24/7/365 emergency contact line for all owners and residents, in which the owner himself answers those calls. …Read More


718-473-0073 Click to Call Visit Site
766 Lafayette, Suite 200 Brooklyn, NY 11221

East Coast Management Solutions helps Brooklyn property owners manage their local properties and maintain the integrity of their investments. The group will provide initial inspections of the outside and the interior areas of clients’ properties, ongoing maintenance, and any needed repairs that inevitably arise. East Coast Management Solutions will advertise properties through trusted outlets, interview new tenants, follow-up with them, and prepare leasing contracts. Screening and background checks are offered at an additional cost for property owners who would like assistance vetting applicants. The team also handles all tenant communications, such as lease updates, rent collection, and utility connection setups. …Read More


718-233-1390 Click to Call Visit Site
535 Broadhollow Road, Suite A-15 Melville, NY 11746

Einsidler Management is a family-operated business founded in the late 1940s. They specialize in managing condos, cooperatives, and homeowners associations in Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn. Staff have developed business relationships with vendors to help keep costs competitive for capital improvements. Services include inspections, homeowner and shareholder communications, and board meeting attendance. Staff can also assist property owners with financial management, maintenance and repairs, sales services, payroll services, and budgeting. In the event of natural disasters or new housing regulations, Einsidler Management is available to offer any additional assistance required. There are several payment options available for the convenience of residents, and staff can respond to emergencies around the clock. …Read More


718-375-5900 Click to Call Visit Site
1716 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11230

Esquire Management Corporation has over 25 years of experience serving the New York and New Jersey areas. It specializes in the management of condominiums and co-ops. The small firm, composed of NYARM certified real estate managers and licensed brokers, is passionate about upgrading older buildings with modern renovations, and have facilitated renovations on many properties in the Brooklyn Waterfront area, including the restoration of a waterfront-facing building that had taken weather damage, and the installation of WiFi, cellular antennas, HVAC, and fitness centers through. The group focuses on renovation and conversion, as well as improving existing real estate corporations with damaged financial histories and city records. …Read More


718-499-4838 Click to Call Visit Site
249-B 24th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232

The professional leasing team at Guardian Property Management is dedicated to providing top-notch services to property owners in the Brooklyn area. Using cutting-edge financial software that allows the group to better track and send funds quickly, Guardian Property Management helps clients maintain outstanding records. Owners always have access to their account through Guardian’s online portal, and tenants can pay their bills online. The group conducts ongoing maintenance and performs initial and regular inspections of the property and help residents and on-site staff keep properties in the best shape for as long as possible. In addition to preventative maintenance and planning, preferred contractors are available to perform needed repairs for a negotiated rate, as well as general services. The office has a 24-hour emergency number and daily office hours for added convenience. …Read More


718-536-2642 Click to Call Visit Site
44 Court Street, Suite 1217 Brooklyn, New York, 11201

Landlord Management has 20 years of experience in real estate in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens areas. It helps owners manage single family homes, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, co-ops, and condominiums, starting with an initial customized property management plan designed to meet each individual property’s specific needs. In addition to standard property management services like advertising, leasing, tenant screening, and property assessment, it also provides meticulous maintenance services. The company manages any needed construction and is happy to help property owners determine areas of weakness in their buildings and connect them to trusted vendors that can quickly fix any issues. Landlord Management can also manage new constructions and help property owners sell their investments in the local market with its highly experienced real estate team. …Read More


718-387-3700 Click to Call Visit Site
750 Grand Street, Suite 5s Brooklyn, NY 11211

Leiter Property Management (LPM) offers unparalleled experience and connections as well as exceptional convenience with fast response times to inquiries, 24-hours on-call service team, free online bill payment and account access, and high-end cleaning and maintenance services for properties. Going above and beyond is the standard at LPM so it provides services beyond standard maintenance, such as floor buffing, compactor cleaning, and repairs. Clients are provided with transparent and accurate financial reports every month, as well as access to expert budgeting and financial planning, and real estate brokerage and sales services through its exclusive partnership with Douglas Elliman. Tenants in buildings managed by LPM can expect the same level of customer service and have a clear line of communication with the management team so that all issues are handled quickly with minor disruption. …Read More


718-369-2040 Click to Call Visit Site
180 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

Maximus Property Management Services provides all-inclusive property services to residents of the Brooklyn area. The company will photograph and list properties through various outlets such as Zillow, Trulia, and Naked Apartments, as well as handle the rest of the leasing process. From screening tenants to initial and ongoing inspections, it also provides and maintains all documentation and weekly reports regarding clients’ properties. Maximus has over 25 years of experience and has compounded a wide network of trusted vendors and contractors that their property managers can access for any needs they may have, from routine maintenance and negotiated rates to emergency repairs. This group will coordinate all communications and bill payments for services, as well as handle rent payments from tenants and distribute all needed communications. All of its services are available for co-ops, condos, and apartment buildings. …Read More


718-238-4300 Click to Call Visit Site
8027 Third Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209

Narrows Management of Bay Ridge provides professional real estate management services to owners of co-ops, rental, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Using a fully computerized accounting system, the group is able to create monthly financial reports and analysis for individual properties, as well as on an annual basis. Its real estate team will search for and screen tenants and prospective purchasers and enforce regulations of each individual property. Its maintenance staff provides direct supervision of repair tasks and use a repair-work order system to make sure every repair is kept track of through completion. The company will also follow up on any local or federal applications, permits, licenses, and required paperwork, and supervise any process required to keep properties in compliance. Emergency staff is also available to assist tenants, as is an on-call property manager. …Read More


718-258-8800 Click to Call Visit Site
2365 Nostrand Ave, 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11210

Sharp Management Corporation is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and value to clients while maintaining diversity and access to housing within Brooklyn neighborhoods. It works closely with Section 8 workers to ensure that properties are maintained at their required standards, as well as with the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIES) program, helping the most at-risk Brooklynites maintain housing as well as helping property owners maintain the value of their investments. Sharp provides detailed income, expense, rent, vacancy, as well as customer reports to owners, and uses a highly-computerized back office to provide transparency and much-needed organization. This allows Sharp to offer a wide range of financial as well as managerial services to their clients. With a wide network of trusted local vendors and contractors, Sharp works diligently to maintain negotiated rates and bulk discounts for needed services and supplies, passing the savings directly to its clients. …Read More


718-788-7900 Click to Call Visit Site
430 16th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

The professionals at TKR Property Management help Brooklyn real estate investors manage their real estate across a broad spectrum of needs, from tenant relations to maintenance and financial management. The leasing staff screens potential tenants to ensure clients have good renters in their properties and take care of all building maintenance inside and out. Repairs, cleaning, tenant violations, permit updates, and any other maintenance or clerical tasks are handled in rapid time by the TKR team. Financial management services offered include bill payment insurance, collections, accounting, and taxes with the expert staff. TKR has long-term relationships with many trusted local vendors and contractors and is able to negotiate lower rates for its clients’ needed repairs and regular maintenance needs …Read More


646-499-4950 Click to Call Visit Site
Middle Village, NY 11379

Clients of Tristate Property Management appreciate its full-service management offerings. It fills vacancies quickly and handles all maintenance issues. Other services include lease processing and renewal, rent collection, and groundskeeping. Tristate Property Management works with owners of all property types, including single-family homes and large apartment complexes, as well as commercial properties. It also offers management services for property owners who plan to go out of town for a long period of time and need someone to look after the property. The team offers personalized services so that they can meet all clients’ needs, whether big or small. …Read More


718-564-8239 Click to Call Visit Site
55 Nassau Avenue 3A2 Brooklyn, NY 11222

True Management is a full-service property management team serving the Brooklyn area. It helps property owners achieve their goals, whether that be to build a larger portfolio or simplify their day-to-day workload. The firm markets properties and screens prospective tenants, and handles all tenant communication. Automatic rent collection is offered to all owners free of charge, and tenants are able to utilize ACH, credit card, or e-check payments for automatic payments. Owners are provided monthly statements, and online access to easily view any documents such as deeds, insurance policies, leases, city filings, or other building-related paperwork. True Management also handles all building maintenance, including inspections and repairs; requests for repairs can also be made online through their web portal. 24/7 emergency services are available for spur-of-the-moment repair needs through its network of trusted contractors. …Read More


718-243-9994 Click to Call Visit Site
199 Lee Ave #315 Brooklyn, NY 11211

Trust Management Inc. provides full-service property management services to the Brooklyn area. The group has a large number of properties in and around Brooklyn and bring many years of experience in the local market to its clients. Its services include seeking out and screening tenants, advertising properties in local outlets, and preparing all lease documentation. The group also provides ongoing maintenance as well as initial inspections, and any needed repair work. It ensures the proper insurance holdings for each property and has a long-standing track record of no violations in any of their managed properties, which are in total valued at over $100 million. Trust Management Inc. also handles the financial aspect of leasing, ensuring property owners receive their rents and deposits and handling all tenant relations including lease maintenance. The online web portal is available to all clients as well as tenants for easy 24-hour bill payments. …Read More


718-302-3180 Click to Call Visit Site
320 Roebling St #106 Brooklyn NY 11211

Serving the Brooklyn area since 2006, Waterfront Property Management is a full-service management company that provides services designed to maintain the comfort of tenants and peace of mind for property owners. It establishes relationships around the Waterfront area in Brooklyn with property owners that share the companies vision for asset preservation as well as tenant satisfaction. Services are offered in a customized package based off of an assessment of the property and client’s needs. The company is dedicated to offering comprehensive services to its clients that are specifically tailored to meet all of their needs and be all-encompassing, ensuring tenant satisfaction and the success of their clients’ investments. …Read More

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